7 Things A Medical Tourism Patient Should Avoid

Medical tourism is a growing trend these days. The idea of getting medically treated, along with basking in the beautiful locales of foreign destinations at the same time can be exhilarating. This has begun to capture the fancy of people worldwi...


The After Treatment Medical Travel Guide you Always Wanted

Getting back to work soon after medical treatment abroad is important. Medical tourists generally find flying, a safe and convenient way to travel. However, patients must pay attention to certain conditions relating to air pressure and body posture o...


Long Waiting Times? Medical Tourism Can Save You

1. Introduction   1.1 What are waiting times?   A waiting time is the length of time between the date a patient agrees to a procedure and is placed on the waiting list, to the date of receiving the service s/he is waiting f...


Why You Need To Have A Translator In Your Hospital

The medical tourism industry, with its steady growth, has established a reach to every nook and corner of the world. Its wide arena offers medical facilities, postoperative care, accommodation and various other such services for its patients.These to...


7 Surprisingly Common Procedures In Medical Travel

Advancements in technology and healthcare have made numerous procedures infinitely more affordable and effective, worldwide. Studies by WHO show that a child today lives, on an average, at least 6 years longer than a child born in 1990, with low...


Reproductive Tourism: A New Wave

Reproductive tourism is the practice of travelling to other countries for availing fertility treatments. This phenomenon includes travel to seek various kinds of infertility treatments like in vitro fertilization, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, g...


Your Travel Guide To Medical Tourism

Getting medical treatment in a foreign country is a task full of intricacies. There are risks in traveling away from one's home area for medical care or wellness services. Precautions need to be taken to avoid legal troubles and infectious diseas...


Medical Traveler’s Checklist: Documents To Carry Abroad

When going abroad, you must be prepared for the differences in health conditions, safety and security, laws and customs of a foreign country. Before you embark on your medical journey abroad, you should remember to obtain sound medical advice from yo...

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