Medical Traveler’s Checklist: Documents To Carry Abroad

When going abroad, you must be prepared for the differences in health conditions, safety and security, laws and customs of a foreign country. Before you embark on your medical journey abroad, you should remember to obtain sound medical advice from yo...


Busted: 7 Myths About Medical Tourism

Are you hesitant about getting that perfect facelift because it is too expensive or are you stuck on a long waiting list for a hip replacement surgery? Medical tourism is the solution for you. Before you give up on the idea of travelling abroad ...


Medical Tourism: The History

Medical tourism is not quite the modern marvel we regard it to be. In spite of only recently coming under the spotlight for becoming the prime choice for patients across the world, the idea of travelling to different places seeking better facilities ...


What You Should Know About Surgical Site Infections

A surgical site infection is an infection which occurs in that part of the body where a surgery has been performed. These infections generally exist only on the surface or are skin deep. In more serious cases, these infections affect tissues under th...


Cosmetic Vacations: A Marriage Of Surgery And Sojourn

The medical tourism industry is growing at a significant rate each year, leading to huge economic benefits for countries that are driving this growth. 33 % of the total number of tourists who travel each year to receive treatments, indulge in cosmeti...


Managing Bills Of Your Medical Trip Abroad

Medical tourism facilitates savings for the patient by offering high quality medical treatments overseas at prices far lower than those charged in the patient’s home country.  Through medical tourism, an individual can save as much as...


Here's Your Medical Fitness Test Guide

With millions of people opting for surgical procedures, many surgeons advise routine tests to ensure that the patients are fit for surgery. These tests are conducted even if a candidate appears to be healthy.  Tests that are conducted are d...


Save Big By Getting Your Orthopedic Surgery Abroad

Orthopedics is a branch of surgery. It is concerned with injuries in the musculoskeletal system, which is made up of bones, tissues, ligaments and joints. Orthopedics involves the use of both surgical and non-surgical means to cure spine disease...

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