Cosmetic Vacations: A Marriage Of Surgery And Sojourn

The medical tourism industry is growing at a significant rate each year, leading to huge economic benefits for countries that are driving this growth. 33 % of the total number of tourists who travel each year to receive treatments, indulge in cosmeti...


Managing Bills Of Your Medical Trip Abroad

Medical tourism facilitates savings for the patient by offering high quality medical treatments overseas at prices far lower than those charged in the patient’s home country.  Through medical tourism, an individual can save as much as...


Here's Your Medical Fitness Test Guide

With millions of people opting for surgical procedures, many surgeons advise routine tests to ensure that the patients are fit for surgery. These tests are conducted even if a candidate appears to be healthy.  Tests that are conducted are d...


Save Big By Getting Your Orthopedic Surgery Abroad

Orthopedics is a branch of surgery. It is concerned with injuries in the musculoskeletal system, which is made up of bones, tissues, ligaments and joints. Orthopedics involves the use of both surgical and non-surgical means to cure spine disease...


Top 7 Procedures You Should Undergo Abroad, For Maximum Savings

Today, the increasingly high costs of medical treatment in developed countries have led to the expansion of medical tourism beyond recognition. The advances in technology and internet have greatly helped the development of medical tourism by making p...


How To Transfer Medical Records To Your Overseas Physician?

Medical records are documents that help the doctors to track their patient’s medical history and locate the problems or patterns that may help in deciding the course of treatment. The medical records lead to complete and comprehensive care of t...


The Impact Of Medical Tourism - Social, Economic and Political

Medical tourism is gradually increasing in popularity due to improved access to information and considerable increase in marketing of the sector in many nations. Hence, it becomes necessary to examine the effects this industry has socially, economica...


Do You Want To Be A Well Informed Medical Tourist? Learn How

Millions of patients are resorting to obtain treatment in foreign countries in order to save costs, avoid long waiting time, and undergo better quality treatment.   Medical tourists are individuals travelling abroad for medical treatm...

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