6 Countries That Play A Dual Role In Medical Tourism

All countries have their own share of advantages and disadvantages in terms of healthcare. An amalgamation of these benefits and drawbacks is what makes these countries both sources and destinations in the sphere of medical tourism.   1. F...

Why Outbound Medical Tourism Will Grow In America?

Over the last decade, medical tourism has rapidly established itself as a prime recourse for patients in US, seeking medical advice and treatment. The treatment may or may not be available locally. A startling fact though, is the sheer number of Amer...

Now You Can Have A Successful Medical Trip In USA

Known as the melting pot of the world, United States of America is famous for its unending trail of natural as well as manmade tourist spots. Right from the Statue of Liberty to the star-studded streets of Los Angeles, and from the Grand Canyon to th...

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