Do's And Don'ts Of Medical Tourism

Medical travel abroad can be effortless if you keep in mind the essentials of the treatment process. Organising your trip well in advance can save you from last minute frenzy and help you enjoy a comfortable recovery after the treatment.


Here is a list of some do’s and don’ts that will assist you in your travel and reduce the many inevitables in medical tourism.


  • Understand the nature of your medical condition and the treatment process

  • Analyse all available destinations that excel in your medical condition

  • Estimate the treatment cost beforehand

  • Enquire about the duration of treatment, including consultation and postoperative care

  • Verify the credentials and professional history of doctor

  • Ensure that your hospital is accredited by a reputed international organisation

  • Check the success rates of hospitals

  • Enquire about the security standards of the hospital and infection episodes

  • Ensure that your lodging facility is in close proximity from the hospital

  • Carry out all out pretreatment tests well in advance

  • Apply for a visa in due time

  • Get medically insured for your travel abroad

  • Communicate with your surgeon before the treatment and raise any queries you have

  • Take advice from your local doctor and keep him/her informed of your progress abroad

  • Check whether the doctor speaks a language known to you or hire a translator

  • Ask the doctor about the required follow up care and follow it

  • Carry all medical reports, x-rays, prescriptions with you to the destination

  • Get vaccination for all vector borne diseases that the destination is prone to

  • Bring a companion along and ensure that s/he is informed about your medical condition

  • Note down all essential contact numbers and carry them with you at all times

  • Be aware of the available legal recourses in case of any malpractice or medical negligence

  • Carry all important identification papers and your driver’s license along

  • Take necessary medication with you in original labeled bottles

  • Ensure the legality of all drugs you are carrying in the destination country

  • Carry hard copies of all email correspondence between you and the hospital


While the medical tourism industry is replete with doctors and other professionals offering help for all possible needs of a patient, it is prudent to be careful.


A person, while on a medical treatment abroad, should not


  • Take part in physically strenuous activities like swimming or weight lifting

  • Consume blood thinning medicines prior 2-4 weeks of the treatment

  • Leave the country without permission from the surgeon

  • Hurry up the post-operative care. Give yourself ample recovery time

  • Travel for long distances in flight after the procedure

  • Undergo surgery while experiencing big life events like expecting a child or moving a house

  • Leave flight bookings and planning till the last minute

  • Choose the hospital only on the basis of costs, various other factors come into play

  • Rely on a single doctor’s opinion, take a second or third opinion

  • Travel without knowing all the possible complications of the medical procedure

  • Choose a huge mega-city that is overcrowded with people or pollution

  • Carry too much cash or unnecessary valuables

  • Plan your travel in very hot or humid climate

  • Be afraid to ask questions with your physician or surgeon

  • Limit your research only to the findings of internet, consult magazines, family or facilitators

  • Miscalculate the duration by not accounting possible missed appointments, weather related delays or unanticipated events

  • Forget to confirm the credit limit in your card and inform the bank of your expenses

  • Travel abroad without learning few basic sentences in the foreign language

  • Be too daring with the local food options, avoid exotic or uncooked food

A little precaution in planning the trip and travelling for the treatment can save you from anxiety and stress. With these guidelines, you are ready to undergo your medical treatment in the chosen destination, unescorted by any troubles.

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