Medical Tourism Countries And Their Specialties

Medical Tourism has become a burgeoning industry which delivers medical care to people from outside their country. So, if you or your family are planning to go overseas for a medical treatment, here are a few leading medical tourism countries and their specialties:


Popular Specialties: Cardiac Surgery, Eye Surgery, Neurology, Organ Transplant and Orthopedics


India, according to a recent report from Deloitte, is anticipated to grow to nearly $4 billion in the medical tourism industry, which is almost double of what it was three years ago.

Along with emerging as a tourist destination, the Indian government has also made travelling to India much more effortless because of several measures like extending the e-Tourist Visa scheme for tourists from the UK and issued Visas on arrival to visitors from 180 countries. Not to mention the trained doctors and consistently developing technology in India which are also contributing to its advancement as one of the leaders in medical tourism. India also claims low incidences of infection and high standards of hygiene in its services.




Medical Tourism Destinations and Their Specialties

Rhinoplasty in Thailand costs only $2500 USD whereas the same procedure can cost up to $10000 in USA. Source: shubina_ka210 via


Popular Specialties: Cardiac Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry, Obesity Surgery, Organ Transplants, and Orthopedics.


In 2013, Thailand was rated as the top destination for medical tourism in the world by World Tourism Organisation.Up to 75% can be saved when travelling to Thailand for medical tourism. Thailand, as a holiday destination, needs exploration on foot because of its scenic aesthetics. High quality of care, world class clinics with professionally trained doctors are also a reason for people to travel to Thailand for their medical treatments.



Popular SpecialtiesCardiology, Cosmetic Procedures, Dentistry, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine and Urology.

Many medical tourists are gravitating towards Singapore, making it one of the top Singapore, making it one of the top destinations for medical tourism. It is not very startling given the country's English speaking medical staff, quality medical attention, timely treatment, advanced technology and its status as a developed country.


Popular Specialties: Gynecology Procedures, General Surgery, In Vitro Fertilization, and Oncology.

Another major player in medical tourism industry is Malaysia whose health care services, if not better, are akin to those of hospitals in the West with much more affordable services than the western counterparts. People come to Malaysia for their health treatments because of its large English speaking population, sophisticated and affordable treatments and a comfortable and relaxed holiday.


Popular Specialties: Capillary Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery, Medical Spa Treatment and Reconstructive Surgery. 

For a cheap option for cosmetic surgery, people choose Brazil as their favorite destination. Low prices, popular tourist destinations, advanced scheduling of appointments, medical packages and post medical procedure follow-ups are some of the inviting reasons which draw people towards Brazil for their health treatment.


Popular Specialties: Cancer, Cardiac Treatments, Eye Treatments and Orthopedic Care.  

Turkey has state-of-the-art facilities and 48 JCI accredited hospitals with professionally trained staff. Not only can you save up to 50% of your medical expenses, but Turkey is also a great holiday choice at a cheap price. Turkey's capable doctors, geniality, shorter waiting lines and medical packages make it a very appealing and convenient option.



Specialties of Medical Tourism Countries

Cost of dental veneers in San Jose, capital os Costa Rica is a mere $350 as compared to $1250 in the US. Source: rickyoumans via


Popular Specialties: Cosmetic Surgery, Dentistry And Medical Spas.

Yes, Costa Rica has become a newly competing country where up to 70% can be saved while seeking medical care. Costa Rica is well known for its superior healthcare system, latest technology, doctors fluent in English and the cost-effective medical packages.San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, registered around 48,000 patients from foreign countries in 2011. Not only a proficient medical care destination, Costa Rica is also a great tourism destination, famous for its beaches and mountains.

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