Kaplan Medical Center


Established in 1953, the Kaplan Medical Center is a JCI accredited facility. It provides high quality medical care and is a favourable medical tourism center.


JCI(Joint Commission International)


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About The Hospital

Kaplan Medical Center is a part of CLALIT, Israel’s largest health care system and the second largest in the world. It is one of the largest hospitals in this network. The hospital is also affiliated with the Hebrew University Medical School in Jerusalem. Also, the medical staffs here are well known for excelling in their work and for the application of the latest technology.

The Kaplan Medical Center received the international JCI accreditation in the year 2010. This serves as evidence regarding the excellent quality of healthcare services offered by the medical center and also boosts its reputation in the international market as a favourable destination for medical tourism.It offers the best medical services to a population of 700,000 which comes under its care.

Some statistics about the hospital are:

  • Hospital Area: 60 acres (Total), 23 acres (built area)
  • Number of patients admitted annually: 60,000
  • Number of Physicians: 438
  • Number of Nurses: 984
  • Total Number of Employees: 2,209

Languages Spoken



✓Bed Capacity: 685

✓Operating Theaters: 10


Kaplan Medical Center is located in Rehovot, Israel. It is at a 30 minutes car drive from the Ben Gurion International Airport, the largest airport in Israel.


רחוב פסטרנק, רחובות, 76100, Israel

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