Q. What kind of clinics are listed on MedHalt?

MedHalt only lists internationally accredited hospitals around the world. Rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality healthcare using our website.


Q. Do I have to pay to use MedHalt?

MedHalt is absolutely free to use.


Q. How long do you take to reply?

All the hospitals listed on our website have dedicated international patient departments who will do their best to give you a prompt reply.


Q. What should I include in my email to the clinic?

We suggest you to include the approximate date you want to travel along with the details of the procedure you would like to undergo. Apart from that, you are free to include any additional details or queries.


Q. Does MedHalt handle my flight and hotel reservations?

The majority of the clinics listed on our website are well equipped to handle international patients and will assist you in booking flights and accommodations through their international patient departments or through dedicated travel partners. In case you choose not to avail these services, you can book your own flight and accommodation.


Q. What about after-treatment care?

All clinics listed on the MedHalt website provide quality after-care treatment for you to recover in a safe and comfortable environment. The type of recovery will depend on the kind of procedure you went through. To get details on the facilities of recovery, please contact the particular hospital you are looking to visit.