The Way It Works Is Simple!

You choose the procedure and the destination, we only make sure that you are connected with the best hospital there is, for your treatment.

How It Works?

Step 1

Search For Your Procedure

Choose the procedure you would like to undergo from the menu on the top of the website homepage. Select the clinic you would like to contact.

Step 2

Contact The Clinic

Every clinic's page will give you an overview of the details of the procedure, a brief introduction to the clinic and its staff. You will also be able to get a brief tour of the facility through high resolution images. You can then contact the clinic to get a quote on your specific procedure.

Step 3

Share Logistics

After sharing messages with the clinic, if you are satisfied with the cost estimate and facilities provided by the clinic, you can go ahead and ask the clinic to arrange your travel formalities. Alternatively, you can also arrange your own travel. The clinic will then share the travel itinerary with you.

Step 4

Undergo Treatment

Travel to your destination abroad for your treatment under quality doctors in state of the art hospitals.

Step 5


Recuperate in a comfortable environment before you are ready to go back to your home country.

Our Promise

We at MedHalt, recognize the value of your health and time, by facilitating your medical journey overseas.Going by our mission of affordable healthcare for one and all, we act as a yardstick of quality care, for you and your loved ones.

We support our customers right from the initial consultancy till the discharge and further to the post-operative recovery. Have no doubt, all our proceedings are with internationally accredited hospitals, with decades of experience in healthcare and state of the art facilities.

Your only concern will be taking the first step; facilitating a hassle free travel is our team's responsibility. We intend to simplify lives by simplifying your medical travel, by pledging our commitment to quality.