International Medical Travel Insurance

You really need this medical treatment, don’t you? Since you’ve decided to go abroad for your medical procedure, here are a few things you need to know about your insurance.

There are a lot of medical tourism insurances available to choose from. It is essential for the patient to understand what is right for him/her and choose wisely. The average travel insurance does not cover any part of a trip which is made specifically for medical treatment including any travel related issues such as lost bags, trip cancellations etc. To cover the trip for medical tourism, the patient must look into the different medical travel insurance policies that are provided.

What Is International Medical Travel Insurance?

International Medical Travel Insurance is meant for people seeking healthcare security outside of their home country when they leave for the sole purpose of pre-planned medical treatment. The insuree is guaranteed coverage regardless of his/her health history or age.

Main Features Of International Medical Tourism Policies

  • Medical coverage provided to the customer can be altered or edited according to their needs since people of all ages travel abroad for treatmnet.
  • Both in-patient and out-patient procedures are covered.
  • Most policies allow the patinet freedom to choose between various internationally and nationally accredited hospitals and clinics.

Different Options To Choose From

Insurance companies offer different types of plans to the customers based on the type of coverage and benefits required. The plans are:

  1. Medical Complication Insurance
    This insurance covers any mishap that occurs during a covered medical treatment that has to be remedied or corrected in the foreign country. This could be medical accidents, extra surgeries, if recovery period is longer, bills costing higher than what was quoted or any other complications.
  2. Travel Companion Insurance
    This insurance provides travel medical benefits to the person who may accompany the insured for the medical procedure to the overseas country. 
  3. Trip Cancellation Insurance
    It involves coverage for non-refundable prepaid travel and accommodation expenses in the case of trip cancellation and interruption.
  4. Medical Coverage
    This type of insurance covers acute illnesses and injuries, unrelated to the medical treatment that that you are undergoing on your medical tour abroad.
  5. Medical Evacuation Insurance
    This includes emergency transportation coverage to a medical facility for your scheduled treatment besides coverage for communication with family and language translation.
  6. International Accredited Hospitals and Clinics Insurance
    This is a special type of medical complication insurance which covers cost of an accident or complication occurring from treatment in an internationally accredited hospital.​​​​​​​

Cost Of International Medical Tourism Insurance

The cost of insurance depends on factors such as the age of the policy holder, travel expenses, country of residence and the medical procedures required. We used the Seven Corners quote calculator to get a medical procedure insurance quote.

We were quoted a $990 premium for an US citizen traveling for a period of 16 days for a medical procedure for an estimated trip cost of $10,000, an expected medical procedure cost between $2,500-$5,000 and a maximum medical complications coverage of $50,000.

Popular companies that provide Medical Tourism Insurance are:


Understanding and deciding on the correct insurance policy is the most important aspect of medical treatment abroad. It is very difficult to get compensation for any problems encountered during the stay, even if the complications are a direct fault of the patient’s chosen healthcare provider. Medical negligence is often difficult to prove, especially in a foreign country. It may even cost the patient his/her life savings. Medical tourism insurance ensures that your travel is hassle-free and any problems you encounter are taken care of.