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Medical Tourism For Brow Lift

The procedure generally takes only around two hours to complete. An interesting fact is that fibrin sealants, which are made out of treated (to inactivate virus transmission) human blood components are used during surgery to hold tissue layers together and minimise post operative bruising and scarring. Local anesthesia is commonly used and in some cases, general anesthesia is used if the patient does not want to be awake during the procedure. 

The surgery is popular overseas, in countries like India, Thailand and Mexico where millions of patients travel every year because of the expert and reliable care and strong follow up process. Surgery in these countries is available at 70-80% lesser costs than US and UK. 


Cost Without Insurance


COUNTRY USA UK Europe Canada
COST 3200 USD 5100 USD 4800 USD 5500 USD


How Much Does A Brow Lift Cost?









Costa Rica




A brow lift surgery is provided in several countries around the globe. It is the most expensive in the USA, where it costs nearly $10,000. The average price of the surgery is comparatively much lesser in Costa Rica ($2800), Israel ($2100) and Turkey where the cost is a reasonable $1350. Patients can also visit Thailand to undergo the surgery at a low price of $1000. The cheapest brow lift surgery is available in Mexico, where it only costs $700.


What Are The Popular Countries For Brow Lift?


The cost of brow lift is least expensive in this country and is upto 80% lesser than the cost of the same in the USA. A lateral brow lift costs around USD 1500. One of the popular destinations in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, a resort town where visitors can undergo affordable brow lift procedures and also indulge in sightseeing and tourist activities. Patients prefer this country for the ease of travel (there are direct flights to this town) and similarity of environments.


This country leads the chart in Southeast Asia as one of the most affordable destinations for a brow lift. It costs around USD 3,000 on an average to avail this procedure in multispecialty hospitals and clinics in popular cities like Phuket and Bangkok. Easy transportation and cheap accommodation in Thailand make this a good choice for those looking to get brow lift and other cosmetic procedures.


This country dominates the brow lift industry in Europe and western parts of Asia in terms of affordability. This, combined with the excellent technological resources Turkey possesses make it an attractive destination for brow lift surgery. It only costs around USD 3000 here for the procedure which works out to be up to 3.5 times cheaper than the cost of the procedure in the USA. Other European countries like Spain and UK have higher price tags for brow lift and this act as an incentive for people to travel to other countries like Turkey and Poland to get the procedure done. 


A study was conducted by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in collaboration with USA based educational institutions and hospitals to study the effects of browlift/forehead lift surgery on treating migraines. It has been discovered that a brow lift can infact lessen the frequency and severity of migraines. 
The cost of the procedure in this Middle East country is USD 2,500 which is only about 23% of the cost incurred in USA. Advanced research in this field and the low price make Israel one of the biggest players in the market in terms of popularity for a brow lift surgery.

Costa Rica

One should consider this tropical archipelago to undergo a brow lift surgery because of its serene recuperating locations. This country  is undoubtedly one of the cheapest destinations to get plastic surgery procedures done and brow lift is no exception. It only costs USD 1,500 to get one here. Costa Rica is also very near to the USA (which means low airfares) and share similar environments and culture. A person from the USA can save upto USD 9,000or more and enjoy a vacation in one of the best tourist spots in the world.

What Do Brow Lift Statistics Say?

As many as 200,000 individuals underwent face lift in 2015 in USA, even though it is not one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the country, such as breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and liposuction. A majority of these individuals chose brow lift along with the procedure to balance their facial features. 

The surgery is normally performed on older individuals, those aged more than 30 years. In addition, the procedure is almost always performed by women. Countries such as Brazil and Mexico are some of the favorite destinations, in terms of both quality of care and affordability for facelift. 

Quality Of Healthcare Abroad For Brow Lift

If you are planning on getting a brow lift abroad , you can be sure that there are many surgeons out there who are perfectly reliable and safe, especially in countries like Singapore, Israel and Turkey. International boards such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery give certification to the best cosmetic surgeons from around the world. Such a certification distinguishes the qualitative doctors from the rest. You can look for doctors with such credentials while conducting your research. In addition, you can also consider the hospital associated with the doctor to get insight into the safety protocol, technology of medical equipment and complimentary services provided. 

You can even talk to the surgeon via online portals like through medical tourism facilitator’s website. It will help you gain practical understanding of the quality of care provided by the hospital and well as judge the medical know-how of the doctor.

Is A Brow Lift Procedure Safe Abroad? 

The procedure is safe, with a success rate of 92%. However this is valid on the condition that the medical doctor performing on you is very well trained. In such a case, the chances of complications are minimal. You should conduct an extensive research before choosing the best option possible. 

Countries like Mexico, Brazil and Thailand  are known to have reputed JCI accredited hospitals that work under strict safety standards as set by the regulating bodies. In these hospitals, there are exceptionally good medical specialists for brow lift, that have to qualify the minimum training requirements as set by JCI. 

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