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Medical Tourism for Chin Augmentation

New studies according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, state that chin augmentation is a fast growing trend across the world. Over the past decade there has been a whopping 51% increase in the demand for the procedure. Main reasons cited, stem from the fact that our chin shows early signs of ageing and with the growing population wishing to look young, genioplasty is seeing an increase in the cosmetic market.

Mentoplasty costs varies across the globe. This causes thousand of people to travel overseas, to countries like South Korea, India, Brazil and Thailand to undergo the treatment at nearly one-sixth of the cost in US, while enjoying recuperating in exotic foreign locales. 

Cost Without Insurance


COUNTRY USA UK Canada Europe
COST 2300 4800 4000 1800


How Much Does a Chin Augmentation Cost?















Chin augmentation or mentoplasty is a procedure widely available in different parts of the world. Germany is the costliest destination for the procedure, where the surgery costs about $2500, followed by Spain ($2200) and the USA ($2100). It is relatively cheaper in Mexico where it costs $1500 and in Poland where it is available at a reasonable price of $850. Lower costs for mentoplasty can be found in Thailand, at $750 and in Hungary at $400.

What are Popular Countries for Chin Augmentation?

A chin augmentation happens in the most cost saving and high quality environment for patients in India. Following advanced cosmetic protocols, mentoplasty in India is performed in modern facilities, which meets international standards. India is currently in the top five destinations for cosmetic tourism, with almost 50% of the cosmetic surgeries being performed on patients from countries other than India.

Due to its central location, Turkey receives a large number of patients from The Middle East of Asia and Europe. Currently chin augmentations can run as low as $1500, and with its picturesque views, make it a popular medical tourist destination. Most hospitals/cosmetic clinic centres are located in Istanbul and Izmir, cities in which the east meets the west, a policy applied in many of the procedures provided in the country.

As one of the popular destinations for plastic surgeries, Brazil provides a large variety of options for patients seeking cosmetic enhancements. Chin procedures are highly commonplace, and due to the lower costs available, patients from the northern borders flock to receive treatment here in the multispecialty family run clinics.

South Korea 
Tourists visiting for cosmetic procedures have increased five - fold since 2009, with over 980,000 procedures performed in 2014. As Koreans themselves opt for surgeries to “westernize” their looks, surgeries like genioplasty are mainstream in this popular medical tourist spot in Asia. Procedures restructuring the jawline has become common in Korea, because of the competitive job market requiring individuals to look a certain way.

What Do Chin Augmentation Statistics Say?

According to the ASAPS statistics, non-surgical skin tightening procedures still remain in the top 10 procedures performed in the US. In the UK, chin augmentation is the second most rapidly growing non-surgical procedure, with a 156% increase in 2015.

Popular medical tourism destinations include Germany, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Poland and Hungary. Millions of patients travel to these countries every year, in order to seek quick, personalised and affordable care. With cosmetic surgery gaining momentum, this movement is expected to rise at the rate of 20% every year.

Quality of Healthcare Abroad For Chin Augmentation

A major benefit of going abroad for getting a chin augmentation, are the considerably cheaper prices. However, it is important to note that while cheaper options might be tempting, it is equally important to get the best care that you can receive. 

To do your part in choosing the right destination, you must enquire and research about it - how popular is the destination for the procedure, what is the success rate, are there any patient feedbacks that you can look at, what postoperative care options do they provide etc.

Today, numerous destinations like Thailand, Brazil, India and UAE provide affordable cosmetic surgery while using the latest and best technological advancements. 

Accreditation boards like JCI ensure that you don’t have to worry about quality of a hospital in a foreign country being lesser than that of US. These board monitor the hospital's practices and grant accreditation after rigorous checks and test of the staff and services. 

Is A Chin Augmentation Procedure Safe Abroad?

A Chin Augmentation procedure is performed under high quality standards in countries like Mexico, Thailand and India because of the millions of tourists visiting the countries. 

Licensed foreign cosmetic surgeons can offer a better service for all their patients in hygienic surroundings with qualified or well practiced cosmetic surgeons with little or no complications. Any type of cosmetic surgery carries risk, and this may be higher when going abroad without fully researching the intended surgeon or surgery.

While medical tourism is fairly infallible, a look into these hospitals success rates can tell that cosmetic procedures like chin augmentation are on the rise because of the reliable and cost effective treatment offered in medical tourism destinations. 

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