Learn about Medical Tourism in Dental Crowns


Medical Tourism For Dental Crowns

Dental crown is a popular procedure that patients travel abroad for, since it is elective and minimally invasive. Travelling overseas for getting a dental crown may involve multiple trips. Initial visit for a temporary crown, a second one for a permanent fix and subsequent trips may be needed for further checkups. Or, with a slightly longer trip, a patient can accommodate all the visits to the dentist in one trip and also enjoy a vacation during the recovery stages. 
People prefer travelling abroad to countries like India, Hungary, Costa Rica and Mexico to save upto 80% on their treatment costs while enjoying quick and personalised care.  

Cost Without Insurance



  Country        USA            UK         EUROPE     CANADA  
COST     $815       $590        $290       $750


How Much Does Dental Crowns Cost?









Costa Rica




The price of a Dental Crown varies across the globe. The procedure is priced the highest in USA at a major 850 USD.  For this reason, a majority of people travel to south Asian countries to procure the treatment at affordable prices without having to compromise on quality. A reasonable dental crown can be found in Costa Rica at $330, while the procedure is even more cheap in Thailand at only $210. Hungary and Mexico are the cheapest places for a dental crown procedure, where the patients can find it at a bargain of $140 and $120 respectively. 

What Are The Popular Countries For Dental Crowns?


Ukrainian dentistry is popular all over the world, especially among citizens of US and UK. The country is extremely accessible as direct flights are available to its capital, Kiev from the majority of countries. Qualified dentists and technicians with years of experience provide quality treatment to patients. The major factor for the popularity of the country is the low market prices. A dental crown procedure costs only $200 here, though it is not the cheapest place for a dental crown. 


Mexico is famous for its “Tijuana Doctors” and is home to numerous advanced dental hospitals in its more developed cities. These centers provide affordable dental care to the majority of American and Canadian citizens as the country is situated only 2-6 hours away from US. You can undergo a dental crown procedure here, at only $120, which is cheaper than many other medical tourism destinations. This is why most of the western US citizens travel to Mexico to get their teeth fixed.


This country, with cost of procedure being less than half of what you would pay in the US, is a total bliss for medical tourists. Hungary attracts a lot of medical tourists every year due to the affordable and dependable dental work it provides. The country is culturally rich with a history of folk arts, embroidery and decorated pottery. To add to the tourists’ interests, activities like shopping or learning the indigenous arts are available. You can get a dental crown here at a mere cost of $140 to $160.


An amalgam of the best sources of recreation which provide an exotic experience, cities in this country, like Phuket and Bangkok serve as major tourist destinations. This, along with the wide range of dental treatments that clinics in Thailand offer, make medical tourist from all around the world prefer the country as the premier medical destination. You can enjoy the Railey beaches here or explore the Phi Phi islands besides your post-treatment recovery. $210 is the approximate price you have to pay to get a dental crown, here.


This country guarantees you the latest dental infrastructure and highly advanced dental treatments. With most of its hospitals accredited by JCI, you get a huge range of hospitals to choose from. Despite the fact that you can get world class dental treatment here, the skyrocketing cost of procedures make patients travel to other much more economical destinations. A typical dental crown or veneer treatment can cost as much as $850 here.



What Do Dental Crown Statistics Say?

Dental crowns, along with dental bridges, are popular in numerous countries world. In the US, 15 million people posses a dental crown already. The number of people undergoing the procedure is increasing by 400,000 to 500,000 on an yearly basis. 

The success rate of these dental implants is an assuring 98%. This number is consistent on a worldwide basis, especially in dental tourism destinations close to the US such as Mexico and Cayman Islands and south Asian countries like India.

Dental implants, being a relatively simple but extremely costly procedure in the States causes many americans to go abroad, especially to the countries like India and Mexico for dental treatment that is reliable and quick. Millions travel to these destinations in order to save 50-70% of the treatment costs, on an yearly basis. 



Quality Of Care Abroad For Dental Crowns

Associations such as the International Association of Orthodontics (IAO) and American Dental Association (ADA) give certification to the best dentists in the world. For a cosmetic procedure such as dental crown, a doctor can also get certification from international cosmetic surgery boards, like the International Board of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. These certifications make sure that the treatment given by doctors in any country of the world fulfills international requirements. They can help you ensure that the quality of care is same abroad. 

Numerous hospitals in countries like India, Hungary and Mexico see considerable inflow of international patients because their accreditation status requires them to maintain high standards of treatment quality.



Is A Dental Crown Procedure Safe Abroad?

Yes, the procedure is exceedingly safe, if performed with care by a well experienced medical staff. In foreign countries like India, the safety standards followed by hospitals differs in numerous aspects from hospitals in US. Often, safety standards here are more strict and elaborate in order to cater to international patients. 
If a hospital is guided by an international board such as the JCI, it is bound to satisfy international standards of safety in addition to hiring a medical staff that is among the best, not just locally, but internationally. Hence, it is in your best interest to be associated such a hospital abroad.  


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