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Medical Tourism For Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion became popular in the 2000s when nearly 4.5% of all cosmetic procedures done were dermabrasion. It is now widely available overseas in all major medical tourism destinations. Only 16% of the procedures done were on men in the year 2009, while a majority out of the rest of the 84% procedures were performed overseas. The most number of procedures are also performed on patients aged 40 and above. Patients prefer travelling to countries like Brazil and Malaysia to save upto 60% treatment costs while also enjoying world class care. 

Cost Without Insurance

COUNTRY USA UK Canada Europe
COST 1100 USD 3500 USD 1500 USD 800 USD


How Much Does Dermabrasion Procedure Cost?











The cost of a dermabrasion surgery is comparatively lesser than other cosmetic surgeries and varies substantially across the world. It is costliest in the USA where the price ranges between $1500-$3000, depending on the extent of surgery. In the UAE, it costs around $2500. The surgery is reasonably much cheaper in Spain ($750), Thailand ($700), and Mexico ($600), with the lowest price being in India ($450).

What Are The Popular Destinations For Dermabrasion?

1. Costa Rica
This group of islands yet again ranks first as the cheapest destination to avail dermabrasion. Most of the specialists here are trained in reputable institutions in the USA, Europe and Brazil. Treatment is offered here in state of the art facilities. A majority of the medical staff speak the English language. It only costs USD 200 to get the procedure done in Costa Rica. Ease in transportation, good accommodation facilities and beautiful tourist spots drive people from all around the world to get treated in this country.

2. Poland
This country is easily the first option for Europeans who wish to get rid of acne, scars and blemishes on their skin. Ranking second on the list, it is one of the cheapest destinations for dermabrasion in Europe. Dermabrasion costs only around USD 300 in this country. Poland has advanced technology and equipment which makes it a popular destination for medical tourism. 

3. India
India’s aesthetic medicine industry is booming and it is no wonder that it is the most popular in South Asia. It has a large availability of human resource and professionals certified by institutions in the US. This gives the patient several options to choose from, in terms of hospital and operating doctor, according to his preferences and comfort level. The procedure costs a mere USD 500 in this country. Availability of easy accommodation facilities and its unique culture and heritage make India a target for medical tourists.

4. Brazil
This country comes fourth on the list of most popular destinations for dermabrasion and dominates the scene in South America. Heavy research and investments in the field have helped Brazil start a line of dermabrasion soaps to remove tans. It costs only about USD 600 for the actual procedure and to get treated in this country. A huge number of specialty clinics in the country offer the treatment to patients from far and wide, while being equipped with the latest technology due to the cut-throat competition.

5. Thailand
Plastic surgery is thriving in Thailand and this country is one of the leaders in the medical tourism industry. A dermabrasion costs USD 620 which is significantly lesser than the cost incurred in the USA. This popularity can be attributed to the availability of large number of medical travel agencies in the country and the quality of services provided in cities like Phuket and Bangkok. Thailand’s culture and exotic island locations is also another reason that can explain its popularity among tourists and medical tourists alike. 


What Do Dermabrasion Statistics Say

In 2014, 83,000 individuals underwent dermabrasion and 882,000 underwent microdermabrasion. These procedures were majorly opted in countries like Turkey, Thailand and Malaysia because of the low cost and reliable results. 

The patients for this procedure are generally aged more than 25 years. More than 90% of the individuals opting for the procedure are women. Most of the women undergoing dermabrasion also get treated for wrinkles caused by ageing. They are aged 50+ years. The surgery can be suited to different parts of the body and is available in a variety of techniques such as microdermabrasion, diamond dermabrasion, or laser dermabrasion. 


Quality Of Healthcare Abroad For Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure that treats wrinkles, without you having to undergo surgery. Qualitative care can easily be administered, if the surgeon and the hospital follow adequate safety measures. You can ensure the highest possible quality of care by attempting to answer these questions through research. It is ideal to carry out internet browsing, read patient testimonials and initiate online conversation with your doctor to enquire about the following. 

  • Does the the Country provide hospitals that are internally renowned/accredited ? 
  • Who is accrediting these hospitals? Is it a reliable board? 
  • Does the medical staff specialise in dermabrasion? Does the staff possess certification in cosmetic surgery by international boards? 
  • How effective is the treatment? What do the before/after pictures of patients look like? Are they satisfactory? 


Is A Dermabrasion Procedure Safe Abroad?

Dermabrasion is one of the least invasive dermatological procedures. Hence, it also implies that it is one of the safest procedures under dermatology. Microdermabrasion, a type of procedure under dermabrasion, is characterized as painless, with no apparent side effects. It is effective on all skin types and colours. Hence, microdermabrasion, as a subcategory of dermabrasion, is the safest possible procedure to undergo, in the home country as well as abroad . 

Many destinations such as Thailand, India and Israel are specialising in cosmetic procedures, such as dermabrasion. In order to attract medical tourists, the private healthcare sector of these countries has invested large sums of money into getting international accreditation to numerous hospitals. International accreditation bodies such as the JCI, who accredit these hospitals, make sure that they follow international safety standards. Hence, you can consider travelling abroad for dermabrasion. Along with adequate safety measures, you will even find that these hospitals provide lots of patients friendly services, like concierge and recuperation. 

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