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Medical Tourism For Fat Implants

Butt implants and lifts are a growing trend in plastic surgery in the US, according to the latest data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Medical tourism for a fat implant procedure is more popular in countries like Costa Rica and Mexico, where people can find comfortable and affordable surgery. 

Fat implants are also considered a strategy to help people lose excess weight. Soy-fat implants are a new kind of implants offering better safety and longer shelf-life. This has driven people overseas to countries in Europe where the technology is available. Researchers are also looking into the option of peanut-oil implants.

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How Much Will Fat Implants Cost?







The cost of a fat implant procedure varies considerably. This is becuase of the difference in the amount of fat transferred in different areas like buttocks, breasts and lips. The average procedure is most expensive in US where it costs a massive $4700. A fat transfer procedure is reasonably priced in Mexico at only $555. For patients wanting to save more, the most affordable country is India, where the procedure costs a cheap $450.

What Are the Popular Countries For Fat Implants?


This country is one of the most popular destinations for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Hospitals in the country have special units that have negligible waiting times and advanced equipment that enables faster recovery after a procedure like fat transfer. Skilled surgeons in the country are adept at performing surgery while making minimal incisions.


Thailand, the land of smiles sees over 500,000 medical tourists every year. Tourist destinations like Wat Arun, a riverside temple and Grand Place, a museum, offer recovering medical tourists a chance to also enjoy the quiet and beautiful landscapes. The country has large healthcare complexes and also small specialty clinics, that are equipped with research centers, patient departments and ICUs.


Brazil has the highest per capita number of practising  cosmetic surgeons in the world. Owing to the hundreds of thousands of medical tourists that visit the country, surgeons have vast experience and are proficient in the latest technologies. Cosmetic surgery is regarded as a status symbol among the locals. A language barrier in the country (as most people speak Portugese) is effectively solved by translation services present in all major hospitals in the country.


India is home to 28 JCI accredited healthcare facilities, most of which are well equipped with the latest fat grafting technologies. Human resource in India is its best selling point with parades of well trained doctors and nurses practising in the country. More than 1 in 6 US surgeons is of Indian decent and with medical tourism, a majority of them have flown back to the country. There are practically zero waiting times for most procedures performed in the country. 


Accessibility of the Mexico is a major advantage for most US residents wanting to save on their cosmetic procedure. A majority of hospitals in the country have partnered with research centers and top tier universities to update their services to the latest technologies. There is a tradition of family hospitals and clinics in the country, which are run by 3-4 practitioners, while maintaining the same quality and cleanliness and treating thousands of medical tourists every year.

What Do Fat Implants Statistics Say? 

According to ASPS, in 2015, 14,705 buttock augmentation procedures were performed in the US using the fat implant procedure. This is an increase of 28% from 2014 to 2015.

The British Association of Plastic Surgeons reports that fat transfer was the seventh most popularly opted for procedure in 2014. Out of these 3,155 procedures, 2,914 were performed on women and the remaining 241 were undergone by men.

Quality Of Healthcare Abroad For Fat Implants 

You should not worry about the quality of treatment imparted in a foreign destination as long as you pick an accredited hospital for your procedure. In order to achieve accreditations by renowned organisations like JCI, hospitals have to meet stringent safety standards. These are considered mandatory for good patient care. Hospitals also have to be updated with the latest technologies in the healthcare industry. JCI also regularly inspects its accredited facilities to ensure the maintenance of the quality of services imparted by them. Therefore, accredited hospitals abroad have high quality standards, well trained medical staff and adhere to all safety standards to ensure complete patient satisfaction.

Owing to the immense competition in the medical tourism industry, leading destinations like Thailand, UAE, Brazil offer the finest quality services in order to attract patients from around the globe. They have highly skilled surgeons, trained in some of the best medical institutions in US.

Is A Fat Implant Procedure Safe Abroad?

Being a minimally invasive procedure, fat Implant is considered safe by most doctors. It involves very few risks and complications, the chances of which can further be reduced by wisely choosing your surgeon and hospital. It is vital to undergo your surgery from a highly experienced and qualified surgeon to rule out the changes of things going wrong. Choosing an accredited hospital is the right step in this direction. 

Your surgeon and hospital staff should properly guide you on the preoperative and postoperative precautions and give detailed attention to every aspect of your procedure. The best of techniques should be employed for the process . This will not let any uncalled situation arise. 
By choosing to undergo your fat implant procedure in leading medical tourism destinations such as Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, you can be assured of a safe procedure. These countries house a number of JCI accredited hospitals, where you can rest assured without the worry of any severe complications.
The safety standards in these hospitals are followed rigidly in order to provide the best possible care to international patients.

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