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Medical Tourism For Hair Implants

Medical tourism essentially means travelling to another country to receive treatment outside the home country. Many countries are fast advancing to provide quality healthcare to the inbound patients coming from various parts of the world. About 15,000 people travel overseas every year to countries like Turkey for undergoing hair transplantation surgery. Hair implantation procedures are seeing new ways of hair restoration by non surgical procedures such as Plasma Rich Platelet injection and Acell to the affected areas.

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How Much Does Hair Implants Cost?













The cost of a hair implant surgery varies significantly across different countries. Average price of this surgery in US is about $8200. Among the medical tourism destinations, the surgery is the most expensive in Spain where it costs $4500, followed by France and Malaysia where it is affordable at $2900 and $2750 respectively. An artificial hair restoration procedure is reasonably priced at $2300 in Turkey. India is the cheapest place for hair implant, at only $1100.

What Are The Popular Countries For Hair Implants?

A few countries in have made it to the top places to go for undergoing an medical treatment for hair implant and they have the right package of affordability, excellent doctors, environment etc. They include:

Hair implant procedures are quickly becoming the most important medical tourism treatments according to the latest research conducted by Frost and Sullivan. The Indian market is expected to grow at more than 25% in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai etc. Hospitality and warmth of the staff in modern clinics are major drivers of medical tourism in the country.

New medical techniques and equipment makes Turkey a favourable attraction for medical tourists who want to undergo a hair implant surgery.  Thousands of people flock into Turkey every year to receive hair implantation surgery as they have the best doctors in the world under this field.

Mexico is a preferred destination for the travellers because they can save upto 70% of their costs when compared to other destinations. Qualified doctors who have expertise in both surgical and non-surgical procedures are what attracts patients to this country. In 2013, there were about 15,611 hair transplantation procedures done in Mexico.

One of the budding markets for medical tourism, the popularity of specialised private hospitals makes this country a  much sought after destination for medical treatments. Hospitals here,  particularly in cities like Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya offer the best of facilities at cheap rates for the patients. Thailand has over 37  accredited hospitals and offers upto 80% savings to it patients.

The beautiful island nation has recently made it way into the medical tourism industry, and is succeedingly largely due to its excellent doctors and affordability. With regard to hair transplant surgery, it offers about 78% cheaper prices when compared to the American clinics.



What Do Hair Implant Statistics Say?

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery cited that there was a 28 % increase in the number of hair implant procedures performed in 2014, compared to the year 2012. Men and women below the age of 50 were the ones who commonly opted for the procedure. Men aged 30-39, made up 32% of the total number of people who got hair implants in 2014. Amongst women, 40-49 year olds made up 28% of the patients who opted for this procedure.

America currently holds the highest rank in the number of procedures performed. There was a 3% increase in the numbers over the past five years. The second largest population to opt for hair implants came from Asia, with about 92,000 procedures performed. Also, due to the easy accessibility of procedures in countries like India and Turkey, hair restoration procedures have increased.



Quality Of Healthcare Abroad For Hair Implants

Baldness, as a social stigma no longer afflicts society as in recent years, hair implantation has become accessible and affordable. 

In countries like India and Malaysia hair implants are highly affordable. Since a lot of surgeons in the country who perform hair implants receive their training abroad, the standard of therapy is usually up to par when compared to hair implant centres around the world. American and British surgeons often venture outside their country to practise. Therefore the quality of treatment rarely differs from one’s home country and abroad.



Is A Hair Implant Procedure Safe Abroad?

Most surgeons consider this procedure to be safe, with minimal or no complications. Patients can expect good hair growth around nine months following a successful procedure. Doctors first recommend non-surgical options such as medications and a change in diet, to observe a change in hair growth, before the procedure. Surgical methods are usually advised after lifestyle modifications have been proven to have no effect of hair growth.

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