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Medical Tourism For Mastectomy

Medical tourism for plastic surgery is very popular. It is a widely recognised and continuously increasing field under medicine and medical tourism. ¾ of the medical tourism destinations have internally renowned and accredited hospitals for cancer related treatments oncology such as mastectomy. Patients travel overseas, to countries specialising in this procedure like India, Mexico, Jordan and Turkey. The costs are 50-70% cheaper in these countries. The costs and quality of treatment, hence, are the primary reason why patients are willing to travel abroad for such treatments.

Without Insurance Cost

In the United States of America, according to the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act, insurance plans that cover mastectomy must cover certain basic services related to mastectomy as well. For example, the act specifies that reconstruction and complications arising out of the procedure itself must also be covered by the insurer. Bilateral mastectomy with nipple grafts is generally considered a cosmetic procedure and is only sometimes covered by insurance. 

COST 160,000 14,000 7,000 30,000


How Much Does A Mastectomy Cost?















Mastectomy cost varies across the world, with Germany being quite expensive for the surgery at $5900. The procedure is reasonably priced in countries like Thailand and Tunisia at $2100 and $1900 respectively. One of the cheapest places for mastectomy is Mexico, where the surgery only costs $1700.

What Are The Popular Countries For Mastectomy?


India is one of the fastest growing countries under medical tourism in the Asian region. The country is specialising in treatments relating to numerous diseases. It is also the hub for elective procedures. For Mastectomy, it is a leading medical care provider owing to the experience of the doctors and availability of latest technology. A single mastectomy costs between USD 1,000 and 1,500 while is a as expensive as USD 15,000 to 36,000 in the US.


Singapore specialises in providing highly advanced medical care. There is a rapid growth in the technological advancement of medical equipment as well as the variety of patient friendly services, such as translators, local transport and concierge in the country. This is because the healthcare sector is financially backed strongly by the government. A procedure such a Mastectomy, hence, will be performed smoothly if you choose an accredited hospital or clinic in the country. 


The country is investing large amounts of money in building its medical tourism sector. As a result, you will find fairly priced treatment of mastectomy here. In addition, the government has taken special initiative to build upon its translational facilities for a smooth communication. While connecting to a hospital or clinic, you get translation services for English, Russian, Arabic and German. 


You will be at an added advantage if you decide to undergo a mastectomy from Mexico, given its physical proximity from the US. The cost and quality of treatment is equally competitive to other medical tourism destinations. Mexico has come a long way in becoming a renowned country in the global healthcare market, especially surgical procedures such as mastectomy. 

South Korea 

South Korea has an abundance of experts in oncology. In addition, the quality of medical care and infrastructural availabilities is internationally recognized by accreditation boards like the JCI. The country specialises in providing treatments of various natures, especially to its medical tourists.

What Do Mastectomy Statistics Say?

The age of individuals undergoing mastectomy is generally on the older side. Most of these people are aged 35+ years. However, in cases of women who inherit the disease, the procedure can be performed on the patient when he/she is as early as 22 years. The gender of 97% of the patients is female; men’s chances of developing breast cancer are lower than women. White hispanics are more prone to get diagnosed with the disease and hence undergo the procedure as compared to mexican americans and non-white hispanics. 

A number of medical tourism destinations are becoming popular for the procedure as a result of which most of the patient today are deciding to travel there. Some of these countries are India, Turkey, and Mexico.  

Quantity Of Care For Abroad For Mastectomy

The quality of care abroad is catching up to that of USA in an exponential manner. An increasing number of surgeons from foreign countries such as India and Turkey get their degree and initial work experience from countries of the West, such as the UK and the US. Thanks to globalisation, medical technology is rapidly spreading and gaps in communication regarding the latest discoveries in medicine are reducing. Considering the positive aspects such as a very patient friendly culture and cheaper costs, you can choose a medical trip abroad.  

Is A Mastectomy Procedure Safe Abroad? 

Mastectomy is a safe procedure, in a majority of medical tourism destinations, given its simplicity and ease of access to equipments necessary for the procedure. The surgery lasts for a few hours and you only need to stay a day, or two at most at the hospital for post operative care. As a medical tourist, you might extend your stay for additional days to ensure medical support and treatment for any foreseeable or unexpected complications. 

Additionally, you can ensure safety on your behalf by choosing a safe and credible hospital as well as hotel. International accreditation can help in choosing the right hospital. There are a number of boards that accredit hospitals in all countries. Some of these boards are the Joint Commission International, The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers, and the International Organisation for Standardisation. A patient can take benefit of these boards, as hospitals are required to maintain strict quality standards and hire only well trained staff under an accreditation. 

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