More about Ear Surgery: Cost, Procedure and FAQs


How Inexpensive Is Ear Surgery Overseas?

Compare ear surgery prices across different countries like Hungary, Thailand, Malaysia and USA. Otoplasty is available in JCI accredited hospitals in south Asian countries at very low costs.


520 USD


630 USD


700 USD


700 USD


1500 USD


1600 USD


2950 USD

Time Requirements For Ear Surgery

Treatment Duration 1-2 Hours
Average Length Of Stay Abroad 1 Week
Number Of Trips Required 1

Important Facts To Know About Ear Surgery

  • It is recommended that the patient doesn’t wash his or her hair for about a week following the surgery.

  • After the bandages are removed, it is advisable that the patient wears a protective headband while sleeping.

  • Swimming and contact sports like rugby or judo are not allowed for about 10 weeks of the recovery timeline.

  • Temporary itching and discomfort for a few days following the surgery is normal.

  • Potential risks include infection, over-correction, under-correction, asymmetry and scarring behind the ear.

  • The treatment is not recommended for children below 5 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Surgery

  1. Can Otoplasty be reversed?
    Changes made due to this surgery are permanent. However, the shape of the ear may change over time. Any further changes by surgery are severely limited by amount of tissue still present in the ear.
  2. Does Otoplasty affect hearing?
    No, the relatively minor structural adjustments made to the structure of the ear do not affect the patient’s hearing.
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