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Medical Tourism For Ear Surgery

Otoplasty a cosmetic procedure that  helps improve the size, position and shape of the ear. Many patients travel overseas to other countries to receive treatment which is available cheap and at world class quality. The stay in another country generally lasts for about a week since the patient can also make use of the vacation opportunity. It is advisable for the patient to note all the pre and post operative care requirement for the surgery. When compared to USA, the average savings of a medical tourists is about 55%.

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Ear surgery is a much sought after procedure across the world. Popular destinations for Otoplasty include  Mexico (USD 1500), Brazil (USD 1800) and  India (USD 1600). The procedure is reasonably priced at $700 in Thailand and Malaysia. The cheapest destinations for an ear surgery are Poland (USD 520) and Hungary (USD 630) where thousands of patients travel every year. In comparison, the same surgery in the United States of America would be much more expensive and can cost about USD 3000.

What Are The Popular Countries For Ear Surgery?

Mexico, the growing hub for medical tourism recieves huge patient inflow because of its proximity from countries such as Canada and United State of America. The quality of healthcare in hospitals and clinics in Mexico are similar and even more advanced to those provided in US. The pricesfor the ear surgery is about 50-70% lower than that of the US surgery costs.

This Southeast Asian country is attracting millions every year for the sophisticated procedures and quality treatment is offers to the patients travelling from different parts of the world. Known for its hospitality, hospitals in Phuket and Bangkok offer the best post recovery options and packages to its guests. The average costs of ear surgery in the country costs about USD 1000 and the average saving is about 30%.

This diversely rich and technologically advanced country has grown leaps and bounds in the medical industry. Singapore is flocked by hundreds of tourists every year. This country has high end medical procedures to offer to its patients like neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology etc. The average annual savings for patients visiting the country for ear surgery is about 82%. About 89% of the medical tourists who travel abroad, travel to Thailand, India and Singapore. 

The multi lingual country Malaysia is the excellent hub for treating international medical patients. The favourable climate, English speaking medical staff and favourable exchange rates makes it an incredible option for travellers seeking medical care. The international JCI accredited hospitals in cities like Kuala Lumpur provide the best quality and affordable treatment to its guests.The average saving for ear surgery in the country is between 50-70%. 

Well known for its post operative care such as spa treatments, yoga, ayurveda and meditation, patients travelling to India can save a lot of money when receiving treatment. The country has numerous JCI accredited hospitals, which is the US gold standard for quality. India is home to numerous multispecialty hospitals in cities like Banglore and Delhi, that cater to a huge foreign patient market.

What Do Ear Surgery Statistics Say?

The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery recommended that most ear surgeries should ideally be performed between the years of 4 and 14. Most of the patients at this age who are being operated upon within this age group are commonly for birth defects of the ears. Older patients, are ones that opt for otoplasties to correct some aesthetic displeasure. 
In these cases it was noted that most patients ranged from 25 - 40 years of age. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported that 36,726 people opted for ear surgeries in the year 2015.

Ear surgery is still an emerging area in the cosmetic surgery industry and most of the procedures are primarily performed in America and other Western countries. However, patients are increasingly opting for this procedure in countries like Poland, Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand.

Quality Of Healthcare Abroad For Ear Surgery

Most people wish to travel abroad to obtain such procedures, mainly because of its affordability. While opting for procedure outside one’s country, it is vital to check for the maintenance of standards and regulations. It is ideal to check if your surgeon has received board certified training, and is conducting otoplasties within strict codes of conduct. Accreditation boards like The Joint Commission International, evaluate doctors and facilities to ensure that they follow health protocols required by a medical institution.

Many a times, surgeons also opt to obtain specialist training in Western countries and eventually come back to their home countries to practise. American and British surgeons, sometimes practise in countries outside their own. All these facts suggest that the standard of treatment is universal.

Is An Ear Surgery Procedure Safe Abroad?

There are very few risks associated with ear surgeries. It is a relatively safe procedure. Meticulous effort goes into researching surgical options abroad. Therefore, opting to receive such a procedure in a foreign country is relatively safe and results in good outcomes. 

It is however advised that a patient follow up with their surgeon on a regular basis after the surgery. This keeps potential complications at bay, while enabling your surgeon to track your progress. After the swelling reduces, a person will be able to observe the expected effect of the surgery, most likely a few weeks after the procedure.

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