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Medical Tourism For Scar Surgery

Considered a part of the healing process, scars are commonly the end result of trauma, surgery, acne, burns and sores. The surgical procedure for the removal of scars is referred to as “scar revision.” In the year 2014, scar revision was amongst the top 5 reconstructive surgeries performed. It was also noted that almost 85% of people develop some form of acne over their lifetime and 40% of those have scars as a result. So procedures like scar removal surgeries assist in restoring the aesthetic beauty.

Many patients travel overseas to undergo the procedure in anonimity and also to enjoy a vacation in the post operative recoveryperiod.

Cost Without Insurance


COUNTRY USA UK Europe Cnanda
COST 10000 USD 7600 USD 4400 USD 8300 USD


How Much Does A Scar Surgery Cost?













The cost of a scar surgery differs from country to country, with the highest cost being in the USA at $2700. The surgery costs about $500 in Mexico and the same in Brazil. A scar surgery is reasonably priced at $300 in Costa Rica. It is much available at much cheaper prices in medical tourism destinations like UAE, Hungary, Poland where it costs $270, $220, $150 respectively. Patients can avail a scar surgery at the exceedingly low price of $70 in Thailand, which is one of the most popular and cheapest medical tourism destinations for cosmetic surgery.

What Are The Popular Countries For Scar Surgery?


Considered to have the most competitive costs for scar removal procedures, Malaysia currentlyranks third in the medical tourism industry. As stated in the International Medical Travel Journal the reason for the exponential growth in medical tourism is due to the world class medical treatment and affordable costs, in clinics in Kuala Lumpur and other cities. These clinics have a completely English-speaking environment. In 2015, 80% of the foreign medical tourists were from neighbouring cities like Thailand and Singapore


Along with India and Singapore, Thailand makes up 90% of the medical tourism market in Asia. Scar reduction and removal is one of the top seven procedures cited for as a means to attain flawless skin. In the year 2012, it was reported that almost 2.5 million people travelled to cities in Thailand like Phuket and Bangkok for medical procedures, and the number has only been growing since.


It has been noted that women make up 76% of the foreign market of medical tourism in India, and scar removal is in the top three for most sought out procedures, after breast augmentation and skin lightening. Many people flock to places like India for procedures, because of the highly skilled professionals and their services available at more than half the cost they would commonly incur in their countries.


Non invasive scar removal procedures costing as low as $150, makes Poland a popular destination for medical tourists. In 2010, it was recorded that 300,000 medical tourists travelled to receive procedures, amongst which aesthetic surgeries were in the top five. Majority of its influx of customers are from it’s neighbouring European countries.


Described as one of the most economical destinations for scar removal procedures, Turkey boosts medical tourism mainly due to its accredited medical facilities. It is estimated that Turkey treats approximately quarter of a million foreigners annually. With its lavish beaches and its scenic architecture, Turkey is a famous spot amongst native Arab nations as a medical tourism option.



What Do Scar Surgery Statistics Say?

A significant amount of the US population is affected by keloids and hypertrophic scars. Almost 180,000 scar revision surgeries are performed every year worldwide. With the increasing influence of the Film industry and glamour world, more and more people want to look perfect and thus opt for this procedure.

Procedures like dermabrasion and laser resurfacing also help in scar revision as more and more of the medical patients these days are travelling abroad to get these procedures done at good international hospitals because of problems like costly or unreliable medical treatments in their own country. The female to male ratio for this procedure is 4 to 3. According to a study, women are 13 times more likely to use techniques like microdermabrasion than men. Typical candidates for the surgery are aged between 15 to 35 years, but a lot of people also opt for scar revision in their 40s and 50s.



Quality Of Healthcare Abroad For Scar Surgery

With the global trends for medical tourism increasing day by day, hospitals around the world are adopting new measures. These measures are helping them improve their existing infrastructure and enable them to provide world class care and hospitality. This is done mainly to outshine the competition and build a good consumer market.
International medical accreditation boards check if the hospitals provide the level of quality that they claim to provide. Therefore, patients are strongly advised to look for hospitals with these accreditations. Moreover, the patients should also enquire if they would get the basic facilities that they might require during their stay at those hospitals.



Is A Scar Surgery Procedure Safe Abroad?

Cosmetic surgery is very popular these days. In fact, it is the very heart of medical tourism. Thus, all the globally situated hospitals which provide cosmetic surgery treatments take strict care of the patients’ safety, care and ensure provision of services like healthy food and translators.Certain safety standards are always followed in the hospital premises. Strict safety measures are taken by the pathologists while conducting laboratory tests. These labs are required to employ licensed and trained pathologists to make sure there is no medical error due to the lack of training.

International accreditations and certifications by local medical boards keep a check on these hospitals so that they follow these safety regulations and regularly update to new safety standards. Hence, treatment abroad is fairly infallible, affordable and at the best quality.


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