More about Sex Change Surgery: Cost, Procedure and FAQs


How Inexpensive Is Sex Change Surgery Overseas?

Sex change surgery to transform from a male, into a female, costs substantially lower than female to male sex change surgery.



12000 USD


12000 USD


50000 USD


65600   USD

How Much Time Does Sex Change Surgery Take?

Surgery Duration

2-3 Hours (Male To Female)

8-10 Hours (Female To Male)

Average Duration Of Stay abroad 5-12 Days
Number Of Trips Required 1



How Is A Sex-Change Surgery Performed?

Prior to the treatment, the patient must undergo hormonal treatment for about a year.

  • For male to female sex change, the surgery involves removal of the penis, reshaping surrounding  tissues and using skin grafts to construct a vagina. Other procedures like breast implants, buttock augmentation and facial feminization can be carried out as a part of the transitioning process. First the patient is sedated and a penile skin inversion is performed, to remove the penis and erectile tissues, thus creating a labia. Then the urethra is shortened to fit the female anatomy. Next, a scrotal skin graft is performed to create the vagina. Sometimes, a sigmoid colon graft may be carried out along with the penile inversion, to construct the vaginal opening.

  • For female to male sex change, the surgery involves two main types of procedures- phalloplasty and metoidioplasty. A hysterectomy is performed in addition to the aforementioned options. Phalloplasty involves a tissue graft  from the arm and abdomen  to construct a penis. In this surgery, The labia majora is joined to make the scrotal sac and the urethra is connected to the penis. Metoidioplasty involves consumption of hormones to increase the size of the clitoris and thus construct a penis. This procedure, although less complicated, creates  a significantly smaller sized penis.



Important Things To Know About Sex Change Surgery

  • SRS is irreversible and thus patients must be entirely sure about its outcome before opting for the surgery.

  • SRS is not simply a gender-change operation. The male and female anatomy is vastly different, beyond simply sexual anatomy, such as size of pelvic bone, facial structure etc.  Choosing the right doctor(s) who is capable of handling every aspect of the surgery is imperative for good results.

  • Psychiatric care may be required for many years after the reassignment surgery.

  • The procedure is not recommended for individuals who have been diagnosed with HIV or Hepatitis C.

  • Possible complications include infection, bruising, blood clots, scarring and necrosis.



Frequently Asked Questions For Sex Change Surgery

  1. Is there any age limit for this surgery?
    The treatment is not recommended for children under the age of 18, beyond which there are no limitations.

  2. How does the patient’s previous sexual anatomy affect the surgery?
    Usually, the patient’s initial sexual anatomy dictates the method or approach the doctors take, and this factor varies from patient to patient.


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