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Medical Tourism For Sex Change Surgery

Medical tourism provides a wide range of treatments to its patient who travel abroad for receiving treatment. It has evolved on a massive scale in the past few years. The top destinations are now providing sex reassignment surgery which was not a common treatment, many years ago. When compared to the west, nations like India, Thailand, etc. are able to provide affordable treatment to its patients. In a private hospital in Thailand there has been a rise of 33% sex reassignment surgery. The costs in India, Middle East and other countries are about one third the costs in the western nations.

Cost Without Insurance


COUNTRY USA UK Canada Europe
COST 45000 USD 15000 USD 26000 USD 12000 USD


How Much Does A Sex Change Surgery Cost? Thailand_12000







Sex change surgery to transform from a male, into a female, costs substantially lower than female to male sex change surgery. Thailand (USD 1200) and Taiwan (USD 12000) are the prime destinations for male to female gender reassignment surgery, popular because of their superior quality of skills,  technology and relatively low costs. Countries like Germany (USD 65600) and Israel (USD 50000) provide female to male SRS (sex reassignment surgery) services.

What Are The Popular Countries For Sex Change Surgery?

THAILAND - Thailand, a flagbearer in the field of medical tourism is considered to be the best place to go for sex reassignment surgery. Low costs, technical know how, and qualified doctors with vast experience makes Thailand ideal for a gender reassignment surgery. The costs for the treatment in Thailand is about $15,000-30,000 and the patients can save about 2/3rd of the cost in US. This South Asian country has about 31  JCI accredited hospitals which offer the best quality treatments. The excellent follow up care practices and liberal laws in the country allow patients to seek gender reassignment in the country without any inhibitions.

INDIA -  India, a new market in medical tourism is fast emerging to be the most preferred destination because of its low costs, personalised postoperative care, and expert doctors. The country provides best and affordable treatment to medical tourists. In the recent past, patients from UK, US, and Australia are seeking treatments in India due to its lost costs. 

SINGAPORE - Singapore is flocked by thousands of tourists every year as the country provides sophisticated and high quality treatments to medical tourists. In 2011 Singapore attracted over 30% medical tourists who went abroad for receiving medical treatment. Singapore is ranked 6th by the WHO for having one of the best health care systems. The gender reassignment procedure in Singapore costs about $8000-$15,000. 

TAIWAN - This island nation is an emerging medical tourism destination. Due to laws that forced transgenders to a sex reassignment surgery, medical practitioners of the country are adept at performing a sex change surgery in Thailand. While the law has now been taken back, the country continues to receive patients for both male to female and female to male transgender operations. It is a vibrant cultural and entertainment hub, much known for its cuisine.



What Do Sex Change Surgery Statistics Say?

This surgery is upcoming, especially in countries such as USA, Thailand and Malaysia, where numerous qualified surgeons practise their art.

In USA, more than 40 individuals undergo the surgery on a weekly basis. About 1 in 30,000 males for and 1 in 100,000 females get sexually reassigned for male to female and female to male surgeries respectively. This implies that more men than women get sex reassignment surgeries performed. As many as 20,000 operations took place among Americans in the last decade and many of them underwent the surgery in a foreign country. The age group for those choosing sex change surgery is generally 18-60 years. 


Quality Of Healthcare Abroad For Sex Change Surgery

Many countries in medical tourism specialise in gender reassignment surgeries. They are catering to the demand created by medical tourists by providing affordable treatment along with patient care services like translation and hospitable staff. For example, Thailand is the most popular medical tourism destination for both cosmetic surgery and sex change surgery, because of its provision of highly trained doctors, anonymously held operations and cheap costs. 

Talking about the quality of care, the best way to ensure it is too see whether the hospital that you choose follows the WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) standards of care. This standard provides clinical guidance to the medical staff on how to provide care that is ethical, psychologically satisfactory, and self-fulling. Other ways to ensure qualitative treatment is to look at the credibility of the medical staff (education and training experience) as well as the accreditation status of the hospital in the country abroad. 


Is A Sex Change Surgery Safe Abroad?

The success rate for this procedure is 80% worldwide. The safety standards and qualification of the medical staff play the utmost important role in a procedure such as this, be it in any corner of the world. In case that isn’t ensured, certain complications can arise, such as:

  • Sex change regret 
  • Dysfunctional genitals 
  • Hormonal imbalances 

Out of the total people operated for a male to female gender reassignment, 90.2% said that they were satisfied with life postoperatively. Hospitals in countries like Brazil are mostly chosen by patients since the surgery has gained massive acceptance here, being accepted in even public hospitals.

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