More about Thigh Lift: Cost, Procedure and FAQs


How Inexpensive Is Thigh Lift Overseas?

You can compare prices of thigh lift in different countries across the world like USA, Mexico, India and France. The cost of the surgery depends on the expertise of the surgeon, the equipments used and economy of the country.


1250 USD


2400 USD


2450 USD


3000 USD


4900 USD


5000 USD


8000 USD

How Much Time Will Thigh Lift Take?

Duration Of Stay In Hospital 1-2 Days
Average Duration Of Stay Abroad 1-2 Weeks
Number Of Trips Required 1

How Is A Thigh Lift Performed?

The type of procedure used depends upon the area of the thigh to be treated and the amount of fat to be removed. Usually the surgeon chooses from Inner thigh lift and Outer thigh lift.

Firstly, either Intravenous Sedation or General Anaesthesia is given to the patient to relieve the pain and uneasiness caused during the surgery. The inner thigh includes the removal of fat by making a cut on either side of the pubic region, extending it downwards. Whereas, the outer thigh lift includes removal of fat by making a cut on the outer side of the thigh.

Then skin is tightened and given shape by sutures.Usually inner thigh lift is preferred over outer thigh lift as it leaves minimal visible scars.

Important Things To Know About Thigh Lift

  • This surgery is not recommended for heavy smokers, patients taking anticoagulants, people with cardiac problems and poor health.

  • There are certain risks associated with Thigh Lift like fluid accumulation, change in skin sensation, nerve damage, need for revision surgery etc. Patients are made to sign a form prior to the surgery, to ensure that all the potential risks related to the surgery are well understood by them.

  • After the procedure is performed, in order to prevent fluid formation, the patient is kept on surgical drains for a few days. The final result of the surgery may be seen after easing up of swelling and bruising.

  • No aerobic exercises, swimming, golf, heavy lifting or any other vigorous exercise should be performed for at least 3 weeks.

  • A patient needs to follow certain precautions and take certain steps before heading towards thigh lift. These include adjusting current medications, avoiding smoking and consumption of drugs like Aspirin that cause blood thinning. Also, a patient should get a medical evaluation done before the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions For Thigh Lift 

  1. What other surgical processes can I combine thigh lift with?
    Usually Thigh Lift is performed after an extensive weight loss to bring the body in shape. This surgery is usually performed along with a number of surgical processes such as abdominoplasty, butt lift, arm lift etc.

  2. How long does the surgery last?
    The surgery usually lasts for around 20 years varying from person to person but the effects of aging, gravity and sun exposure are unavoidable. Usually, suggestions are given by the surgeon to maintain the surgery.

  3. When can I get back to work?
    Normally, a person can get back to work after 4-5 weeks, when the recovery timeline is completed.

  4. Can I walk after the surgery?
    A patient is made to walk very short distances from the next day of surgery to avoid the formation of blood clots.

  5. Will there be scars after surgery?
    Every surgery leaves a scar and so does thigh lift. But usually, the scars are placed in such a way so that they are not visible or are hidden by clothing. Further, the length and location of the scar depends upon the amount of fat removed and the type of surgery performed.

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