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Medical Tourism For Thigh Lift

Thigh lift is a popularly availed treatment across the world. It is available at 70-80% lesser costs than US and UK overseas, in countries like India, Thailand and Venezuela. The procedure is performed with cutting edge technology and in minimally-invasive techniques in many JCI accredited hospitals worldwide. This causes patients to travel to numerous medical tourism destinations to avail affordable and better quality healthcare.

Cost Without Insurance

COUNTRY USA UK Canada Europe
COST 4700 USD 8000 USD 4500 USD 1800 USD


How Much Does A Thigh Lift Cost?

















The cost of a Thighplasty or a thigh lift can vary largely, as can be seen from the graphic. With its price ranging from as high as $6,700 in the US, people prefer getting treatment abroad at lesser costs. A typical thigh lift in UAE can cost an average of $8000. While France and Brazil offer the procedure at just $5000, half of what you would pay in the US.

India also offers a thigh lift at a reasonable price of $3000. This does not include the diagnostics or lab costs. Mexico, as one of the cheapest places for a thigh lift has been catering to most of the Americans’ needs for thighplasty at prices less than $2500. Hungary is also popular with an average thigh lift price slightly less than that of Mexico. Tunisia leads the medical tourism market in this procedure because here the prices are rock bottom. A thighplasty in Tunisia costs a mere amount of $1250.

What Are The Popular Countries For Thigh Lift?


Thailand has established its name as a popular medical tourism destination given to its popularity among the medical travellers for high standards of medical care, expert surgeons and highly advanced medical technology, etc. Thailand has a large english speaking population which does not pose the risk of language barrier for international patients.

Thailand is popular worldwide for cosmetic surgery, dental care, heart surgery, etc. Many hospitals in Thailand offer cheap but reliable Thigh lift surgery with promising results. Apart from the reliable medical care, this country also offers numerous options for post treatment recovery in its modern cities of Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya.


If the the budget is not your chief concern, Singapore is a good option for medical tourism. Where most of the medical tourism destinations attract medical patients because of the highly competitive prices, Singapore is famous for its world-class facilities, good english speaking staff and westernised medical infrastructure. The standard of quality is not limited to the type of procedure selected.

Singapore has a large number of clinics that offer cosmetic surgery. Among the various procedures offered by these clinics, thigh lift is also one. Cosmetic surgeons of Singapore are famous for their expertise and skill set. Apart from the expert treatment and care, hospitals in Singapore are also famous for their stringent safety regulations. 


Brazilian people are very cautious of their body and fitness. Thus, there is a heavy trend of cosmetic surgeries all over the country. Not only the natives, but people from other countries such as the US travel to Brazil for procedures such as butt lift, thigh lift, etc. Patients can get these treatments at any of the various JCI accredited hospitals and clinics, at rock bottom prices as compared to countries like the US, UK, etc.

Brazil government is also promoting international medical tourism and is making provisions for providing high standard travel and accommodation facilities to the medical tourists.


This country is situated at the bridge of the European and the Asian continents. Apart from receiving hordes of tourists from these two continents, it also acts as a popular destination for medical patients from western countries like US, Canada, etc. 

Turkey is well known in the world for its age old dentistry and cosmetic treatments. The surgeons of Turkish hospitals as well as clinics are licensed and have received their education and training from countries like the US and UK. The cities of Turkey are modern and advanced and also have historic and cultural importance. These act as popular tourist destinations and the vast number of beaches and resorts offer amazing recreational opportunities to the patients after the treatment.


India has a great reputation in the medical tourism industry. This is chiefly because of two reasons; the well qualified, trained surgeons and the cheap prices hospitals offer to the patients for various procedures. India has a large number of hospitals spread across the country, out of which 13 are JCI accredited. Millions of patients visit the country for cheap dental, cosmetic, cardiac and refractive surgeries. 

Indian healthcare is well known in the world for its promising results. Apart from the reliable medical care available at low costs, cheap tourism is also a great benefit of choosing India as a medical tourism destination. In India, accommodation, food, travel and tourism facilities are available at affordable costs to the incoming tourists. This makes it easier for them to enjoy long vacations in the post treatment recovery period.

What Do Thigh Lift Statistics Say?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 16,368 women and 568 men had the procedure done in the year 2015. But in the year 2009, only 8,139 women in the US underwent thigh lift surgery. The number of women opting for a thigh lift has doubled in only 6 years! A majority of these women choose Mexico, Hungary and Thailand for the procedure as these countries offer high success rates for the procedure. A loss of rigidity of skin occurs in middle and late adulthood years. Statistics also show that more than half of the thigh lift procedures were performed on individuals 40 years and above of age.

Quality Of Healthcare Abroad For Thigh Lift

Some countries are known worldwide for their expertise and affordability in thigh lift. Costa Rica is an example of this. It offers one of the cheapest prices in the world for the procedure, at only around USD 2,000 on an average. Some countries may not have the required facilities or personnel to perform the procedure. In such cases, travelling abroad to countries like Thailand, India, Mexico and Costa Rica becomes essential in order to get the procedure done without compromising on the cost.

There are several centres, hospitals and agencies in these countries that are dedicated to research and focus on providing premium services to patients seeking thigh lifts. They are internationally accredited and are known for their state of the art facilities and equipment. These countries specialise in cosmetic procedures like thighplasty and offer world class quality services at costs which are considerably lower than the US, even after including travel fare!

Is A Thigh Lift Procedure Safe Abroad?

Thighplasty is generally a very safe procedure. However, all invasive procedures do have their own complication and risks associated with them. 
In this case, a rare complication is deep vein thrombosis where a large clot forms in the thigh and can ultimately affect the heart. Any procedure that involves incisions bring in the risk of infections.

Poor wound healing and necrosis can cause also occur and cause prolonged discomfort to the patient. Improper planning can also result in asymmetry of the thighs. To solve this, the patient may have to undergo revisional thighplasty. However, the surgery is considered excessively safe abroad, as can be deduced from the excess patient movement to countries like Thailand, Mexico and Brazil.

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