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Our Culture

MedHalt has established itself as an equal opportunity workplace, which thrives on the values that each employee brings into the company. Here, we innovate, to enable growth and transformation in the medical tourism industry. To empower patients in the decision making process, we build on creative ideas which will have the best possible impact on them.

We are continually working to provide reliable information to our customers, through our powerhouse of interns. When you work at MedHalt, you capitalize on the energy of a startup, where passion and commitment are important virtues, worth imbibing. You are guided by opportunities that signify our support in personal development.

Amplifying Growth

We're givers and not merely takers. True, we're committed to our work but your personal growth is taken care of.

Periodic Soirées

Don't worry we won't stock up your life with boredom. We strongly go by the work hard and play harder saying. Stop reminiscing and hop in!

Nom Nom

Do we have to say anything more? Stop drooling already! We bet this is the only thing you read.

Quirky Peeps

Are you a people's person? Well then we've got a whole lot of assorted folks on board with us. We wouldn't mind another!

Flat Hierarchy System

There is a free flow of ideas and direct interaction without a pecking order; learning comes naturally.

Transparency & Autonomy

Everyone is empowered to make decisions, communication is transparent, and we are obsessed with our own productivity.

Open Positions

Content Writing
Marketing & Public Relations
Web Development
Social Media Marketing

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